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The project of Familias Argentinas

It is a venture of private investigation and the result of an individual effort that began as a hobby and today has become the largest genealogical free access database of South America.
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  • Everyone should be related blood or politically.
  • Database query is totally free.
  • Safeguard the transmission of family traditions that are made verbally until today, ensuring the cultural and historical heritage of Argentina.
  • Generate a record of human connections beyond races, religions, backgrounds and social classes. A gigantic jigsaw puzzle of countless branches and dimensions.
  • Gather knowledge scattered for hundreds of years and merge into a large interconnected database of argentinian families.
  • Finally prove that we are all relatives, except that we still do not know "how".
This site was founded by Francisco Fernandez Bell Fano.
"I started my family tree in 1994, charging the data provided by my in a program of Genealogy (Genius). Was quickly growing year after year. By 1998 changed the program to the genealogy of the Mormons (Personal Ancestral File). In 2000 the database uploaded to the internet in "HTML" format and in 2006 have some 5,000 different files. Regularly updating the site became inpracticable. Along with the help kind of external and an expert in programming could launch in October 2006 the new format with MySQL database. This technological change facilitated the updating of data but also to find information in the database for the visitors. In recent years the incorporation of Data stabilized at 22,000 per year , a ceiling for the current infrastructure Families-Argentinas. Enjoy this vast genealogical labyrinth." Some data
There are branches that reach up to 390 years DC, contains Colonizer and Founders, Military Heroes, scores of Argentine presidents of Chile and Paraguay, important personalities, artists.
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Other branches connected with the European Royalty, including Kings of Spain, France, England. For Example: Bourbon families, Windsor and Romanov.
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Full trees of Lanusse, the Aguirre, the Beccar Varela, the Ibarguren, the Fernandez, the Moreno, the Noble, the Saguier, the Zuberbuhler, among many others.
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