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Get your family tree and receive it by email in PDF format

Discounts for Silver (10%), Gold (20%) & Platinum (40%).

Services ?

  • Option 1:   Family tree with Familias Argentinas available data.

  • Option 2:   We load Client data and pictures.

  • Option 3:   We search in available genealogical web data storages in Argentina and South America.


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5 to 8 generations Ancestors
vertical, with or without pictures
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20 generations Ancestors
horizontal, with or without pictures
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3 to 8 generations Descendants
with or without pictures
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Ancestors on Pictured Tree
5/6 generations
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3 Generations Tree
for kids
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4 Generations Tree
for kids

How to get your PDF Family Tree

  • 1st step: You send an e-mail to with the name of the principal person of the tree (the person or a sibling must be loaded in the data base) , and you send us data and pictures you want to add to the Genealogical Tree.

  • 2nd step: You receive an e-mail with the cost of the product, and delivery date.

  • 3rd step: After payment (see Payment below) Familias Argentinas start building your PDF.


Payment in Argentina

Complete with the amount specified in 2nd step and press 'Comprar con DineroMail' to see payment methods (credit cards or cash in Pago Facil).
Argentinian Pesos: $


Payment out of Argentina(Paypal)

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