Before you send us an e-mail, I ask you to read these lines:

  • If you want to find out details, consult the database because all information is available on the website and is freely available.
  • If you want to investigate your ancestors go to the section of The Boutique and refer to the research service on a budget.
  • If you did not find any data in particular is that this information has not reached our hands. You can complete the information writing here.
  • If you do not find in our database who you are looking for, we recomend you to visit other sites in genealogy some of which are found in links.
  • To be able to add to your family is necessary to find a relative or direct political that is already loaded in the genealogical database.

In case:

  • You've found a relative and want a complete branch of the family,
  • If you want to add dates and places of birth, marriage or death, or photos,
  • If you have problems with your user access (e-mail + PIN)
  • or any other issue ... write to our e-mail by clicking here.


Users Access
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